Powers: Energy Pulse, Near Invincible


Damien is the leader of a gang of tainted criminals. They moved to L.A. from New York, where he led a large tainted crime ring.

He was photosensitive and could not go out in direct sunlight. He has spent most of his life hiding in the shadows and his crimes come out of a deep seeded hatred for the Norms. His goal is to unite all the oppressed tainted and put the Norms in their place.

He has strong feelings for Page, and has spared her many times. His second-in-command, Shiftess, seems to be more evil and often pushes him to be more cruel. She eventually leads a coup against him and he ends up joing the team.

He is compassionate and vulnerable under his very strong and cold exterior. He eventually undergoes a procedure that makes him look like a norm and allows him to go out in the sun.