Power: Siren (ability to put men under her spell)


Page has deep seeded intimacy issues due to her ability to put men under her spell. She constantly questions any man's interest in her. Her parents freaked when they discovered she was tainted. She ran away at eighteen, and they are happier for it.

Page became a member of Damien's criminal gang in New York. She and Damien had a relationship, and he cared for her. Upon coming to L.A., she decided to leave that life of crime behind. To this day, she is haunted by her past and constantly feels the need to make up for her crimes.

Though she has feelings for Brandon, she breaks up with him after one date realizing she can't be in a relationship right now. She joins the team after helping them foil Damien's plan to use the GAD (Genetic Altering Device) to create an army of Tainted followers. With the help of Kimberly Grant and Dr. Deanna Reynolds, Page is still learning how to master her powers.