Episodes 101-102 - Series Premiere



The team, consisting of Steve, Julie, Brandon, Natasha, and Johnny, protect Dr. Andrews and his invention, the GAD (Genetic Altering Device). The GAD is designed to alter DNA and can mutate Norms into Tainted people.

In their first skirmish with Damien and his thugs, Johnny, Tasha's brother, dies saving her life. Tasha is overwhelmed with grief and starts drinking again. She is an alcoholic.

Page leaves Damien and his gang. He and Shiftess, his second in command, discuss her fate. Shiftess convinces Damien that Page must die. In their second encounter, Damien escapes with both Dr. Andrews and the GAD. Damien tests it out on a couple of innocent people, before successfully tainting the third. The missing people attract news reporter, Leah Parker.

Brandon and Page meet and go on a date, but by the end of the night Brandon has fallen under her spell. The night is cut short when Shiftess finds her. Meanwhile, Kimberly Grant gets news from her informant that Page was a member of Damien's gang. Steve and Julie arrive just in time to help Brandon and Page escape from Shiftess.

With Page's help, they find Damien and the GAD. The device is destroyed, but Damien and his gang get away. Dr. Andrews is killed, but not before warning Steve that "THEY" know about him and will be coming for him. Kimberly convinces Leah to keep the existence of the tainted a secret. She also invites Page to join them and offers to help her control her powers. Page agrees, but her insecurity causes her to break up with Brandon.