Episode 103



Steve and Julie go to a new club in town and see Mariah Campbell perform. Later, Mariah is attacked by agents from BioGen, a genetics lab. Back at Grant Gardens, agents show up for Steve as well. Steve and Julie help Mariah escape and discover that she is tainted, with the ability to create and transform into fog. Steve convinces Mariah to join him on a little trip to BioGen Labs. He discovers that BioGen artificially tainted him and Mariah when they were infants. They also find other tainted victims, held at the facility. They are discovered and BioGen Director, Dr. Leonard Prescott, sends agents after them. They escape and call the team. All the while, Mariah continues to make advances toward Steve. They share one kiss.

Fabien goes out to dinner with Tasha. He spies on the team and follows them to BioGen, where he helps them free the prisoners and destroy the facility. Tasha is furious with him for spying on them.

Page is haunted by nightmares from her past. She and Brandon feel awkward together. She starts training with Deanna.

At the end, Steve pushes Julie away and sleeps with Mariah.