Episode 104



Damien kidnaps Page and has her cloned. Her clone is later sent back to the team. She starts to come on to Brandon, who is pleasantly surprised by her new behavior. When the clone leads the team into a few traps, Julie discovers the deception and they find and rescue Page, who ends up killing her own clone. Page is disappointed that Brandon couldn't tell the clone from the real her.
When Damien refuses to kill the real Page, Shiftess begins to doubt his ability to lead them.

Fabien meets with Kimberly and officially joins the team, despite their protests.

Steve and Julie's relationship is strained when he avoids her, fearing she will sense his guilt over sleeping with Mariah, who he cannot help but think about.

Tasha meets and befriends Leah's new cameraman, Ty Jackson, at an AA meeting. They agree to be each other's sponsors.