Episode 105



Ty's sister, Shayna, has disappeared during a weekend seminar with a new guru named Hector. Hector's followers, the Foundation for Genetic Purity (FGP), consider the tainted a disease infesting humanity. They find out that Shayna is tainted. Tasha and Julie go undercover, under surveillance, and discover that the cult has killed several tainted people in ritualistic ceremonies and buried them in the desert. They find and rescue Shayna.

Kimberly calls her cop friend, Detective Frank Ramsey, who arrives on the scene and arrests the culprits.

Tasha and Fabien argue about anything and everything. She still feels betrayed by him.

Page continues training with Deanna. She also starts talking about all the crimes she committed with Damien (flashbacks).

At the end of the episode, Julie is called to help Kimberly and Deanna with a secret project at The Grant Medical Center. Meanwhile, Steve goes back to the club to see Mariah perform.