Episode 106



Tainted terrorists (Bruce "Bane" Mancini, Carla "Creeper" Meyers, Eric "Eyes" Gellar, and Hank "Brawn" Brown) take a high society party hostage. Kimberly is among those inside. The team must rescue her without being detected by the police. Detective Ramsey tries to cover for them, which lands him on shaky ground with his boss. Among those at the party is new Grant Enterprises Executive, Jake Shaw.

Julie and Steve break up when she sees him with Mariah. She is comforted by Brandon, who is still waiting for Page to get over her insecurities.

Page continues training with Deanna, who tells her that her powers can be manipulated and controlled. Page admits her feelings for Brandon to Deanna.

Fabien and Tasha kiss during an argument.

Damien is training some new recruits. He sees the hostage situation on TV and tells Shiftess to bring him these terrorists. He likes them, they show initiative.

The team frees the hostages, but thanks to Shiftess, the terrorists escape. They meet with Damien, but refuse his invitation to join him.