Episode 107



The team encounters Edmund Weiss, aka SHADOW SLAYER, a man with the ability to transform into nothing more than a shadow. With the ability to hurt people by attacking their shadows, he lashes out at the team and their friends. Of course, he does this at Damien's request.

When Kimberly ends up in the hospital, the team turns to Max for information on him. The team devises a way to defeat him. They lure him into a trap and fight him. When he takes shadow form, they blast a bright light on the shadow. He returns to human form, and then disintegrates. Tank, a member of Damien's gang (101), sees this and reports back to Damien. He and Shiftess are furious.

Julie is spending a lot of time on Kimberly and Deanna's secret project. When she learns of the villain's demise, she confronts the team, calling what they did murder.

Leah is confronted by various stories related to tainted people. She tries her best to discredit or dismiss them.

Fabien and Page clash, Brandon and Julie, and Steve and Page spend more time together. Fabien and Tasha sneak around, making out.