Episode 109



BioGen creates a device that magnifies tainted traits. As a result, the team goes out of control. Page is overwhelmed by men, Steve is shocking and short circuiting all electricity around him, Tasha is setting fires everywhere, Fabien is invisible and everything he touches becomes invisible, and Brandon accidentally kills a mugger named Russell Lopez in self defense. Julie is overwhelmed by the thoughts of everyone within range and almost goes mad. She slips into a coma because her synaptic functions are overloaded by her boosted powers. Brandon never leaves her side and discovers just how much he really cares for her. Deanna tries to help the team. The device also affects Damien and his gang.

Kimberly and Leah break into BioGen to disable the device.

Tasha is furious at Fabien and herself for what happened between them (108).

In the end, Tony Manners blows the lid off the story with footage of tainted people all over the country. The secret is out. Julie wakes up from her coma.

At Grant Medical's underground facility, Deanna calls Kimberly saying Matthew's out. We see a big hole in the wall behind her.