Episode 110



The TV has been repeating footage of tainted people. The team is very cautious as debates go on at school and on TV regarding what is to be done about the problem.

Steve and Mariah go on a date. Fabien and Tasha sneak around, making out. Fabien wants to go public about him and Tasha, but she says nothing is going on.

Julie is still occupying her time with Kimberly and Deanna. Brandon begins to avoid Julie, when he starts developing feelings for her. He ends up talking to Tasha about it. When an earthquake hits L.A., Brandon and Julie both use their powers to save lives at school. People begin suspecting them. They both deny it.

Leah does her best damage control, but her boss, Oscar Nolan (101), is more interested in turning the tainted into real life monsters.

Damien and his gang watch what is happening on TV. He says it is starting. Now he can start rallying the troops.

Kimberly and Deanna try to track down Matthew.