Episode 111



The team is called into a meeting with Kimberly and Deanna. The project Julie has been working on has finally been revealed. Kimberly has a son, Matthew. He was born with his tainted powers fully active. This has made him insane. As an infant, he was the one that killed Kimberly's husband. It was the reason Kimberly took up the cause of helping the tainted. For years they have been trying to help him control his powers. Julie was called in to try to reach him telepathically. Now he has escaped. They have located him and must capture him.

Matthew, meanwhile, is roaming the streets of LA. He is responsible for a few more deaths. The team finds him and after a skirmish, he escapes. The second time they meet, Kimberly realizes he must be killed and he is.

Kimberly is deeply traumatized by this. At work she is comforted by Jake Shaw, who seems to be developing feelings for her.

At the end of the episode, Brandon is arrested for the murder of Russell Lopez (109).