Episode 112



Brandon's past catches up to him when he is charged with the murder of Russell Lopez. Kimberly's lawyers, led by Calvin, counsel him. Brandon is indicted by a grand jury and Calvin prepares for the trial.

Tasha calls Ty when she feels she wants a drink. Fabien gets jealous and finds an excuse to pick a fight with him.

Julie's migraines (101) get worse and she asks Deanna for more painkillers. Deanna reluctantly agrees. Julie discovers her feelings for Brandon when she visits him in jail. She also senses his feelings for her. He admits it was why he was avoiding her.

Page is afraid for Brandon. She is convinced that with all the anti-tainted sentiments out there, Brandon will be found guilty. She tells him that maybe he should break out and run. He refuses.

Steve gets drunk with Mariah and uses his powers in public, only to be chased off the streets by an angry mob.

Leah does her best to help Brandon as reporters flock to the news of a tainted murder trial.