Episode 114



Dr. Oliver Vierd, a Russian scientist, has been experimenting on animals for years. Now, in Los Angeles, he has successfully merged human DNA into rabid animals creating the Animors.

The half man, half animal creations consisting of a lion, bear, chameleon, and cat are responsible for several deaths around town.

Kimberly calls in the team to investigate. They face off with the animors, who get away the first time. They discover who is behind this and fight the animors at Vierd's base of operations. The animors are killed and Vierd is arrested by Detective Ramsey.

Steve and Mariah break up when he catches her with another guy.

Brandon and Julie start going out. Page is making progress with controlling her powers and gets jealous when she sees Brandon with Julie. Steve and Brandon get into a fight when Steve finds out about him and Julie.

Tasha consoles Fabien when he loses millions in a bad investment.