Episode 115



Kimberly is now having lunch with Jake on a regular basis. She opens up to him about her personal life, including Matthew. They discuss tainted issues.

Later, we see Jake is in fact an undercover agent for the FBI. He reluctantly turns in the taped conversations he's had with Kimberly, but doesn't want to go through with it. He is ordered to continue by his superior, Agent Paul Garner.

Brandon and Julie go out on a date. Steve and Page share their feelings about Brandon and Julie. They spend more time together and share one kiss.

Damien and his gang now have a great deal of followers. Damien makes a speech to them, telling them how they will take over and rule over the Norms. Shiftess has her doubts. She tests his resolve by killing a congressman on national television. He is furious with her. She leads a mutiny and Damien flees... to Page's doorstep.

At the end of the episode, Brandon and Julie realize that they are better off as friends. The intimacy they felt was just brought on by the situations they were in.