Episode 116



Tasha and Fabien officially tell everyone they are an item only to discover everyone knew. Steve and Page discuss their kiss and agree it was a mistake and will not happen again.

Steve and Julie begin to reconcile their differences. He apologizes and she forgives him, but says that she needs some time to figure things out. She still gets migraines and is taking the painkillers.

Page hides Damien in her apartment when he tells her he is a marked man. He tells her why her powers no longer work on him (101). She asks Deanna about using the technique on Brandon and Steve, but their blood types are different. She also tries to rekindle her relationship with a more than willing Brandon.

Agent Garner yells at Jake and accuses him of withholding information.

Shiftess and Tank begin intensely training the tainted recruits. Max discovers that Shiftess has taken over Damien's gang and contacts Kimberly. Shiftess discovers that Max (107) is Kimberly's snitch and he is killed.

At the end of the episode, Fabien is approached by two FBI agents.