Episode 118



Julie is in the hospital after overdosing on painkillers. Deanna is treating her. She warns her about how dangerous these narcotics can be.

The team encounters, Elmer White a.k.a. Glue Guy, a doctor whose experiments resulted in him becoming a gooey creature that secretes and shoots out streams of sticky white slime. He lashes out at the employees of the hospital. Steve and Brandon are both distracted, worried about Julie. Tasha and Fabien go undercover, discover what happened, and devise a way to stop him. They cause his slime to dry and harden, trapping him in a cuccoon. Detective Ramsey then takes him away.

Julie is released from the hospital. Steve and Brandon do everything they can for her.

The FBI arrests Fabien. He is charged with tax evasion and fraud. He tries to strike a deal with them. They tell him about their investigation of the team. If he helps them, they will pardon him.

Damien goes out for a walk at night. He is attacked by a group of tainted villains. He kills all but one. He tells him to take a message back to Shiftess. If she comes after him again, he will take his time killing her.