Episode 119



BioGen has been disposing of their chemical waste in a lagoon that empties into the Pacific. The team is on a break and goes to the beach. A swimmer is attacked in the water. When lifeguards pull him out, he says it looked like a giant lobsterman. This peaks the team's interest.

They borrow a boat from Kimberly and dive in to search for the creature. More attacks happen. They are led back to the lagoon. The lobster creature attacks them, but Brandon kills it by breaking its exoskeleton. They notice the chemicals dripping out of a sewer pipe and follow it back to another BioGen facility. In the pipe, they are attacked by a giant electric eel. Steve kills it, as its powers will not hurt him. They later report this to Kimberly who contacts the police and EPA. A delighted Leah Parker reports that BioGen is facing a lawsuit and possible shutdown by authorities.

Fabien gives in to temptation when a hot girl on the beach asks him out. Tasha catches them under the pier. They break up. Fabien is a jerk to her. She sets his shorts on fire and he runs into the water.

Meanwhile, Agent Garner tells Jake it is almost time to make their move. They have gotten another source of information. Jake is torn. Garner leaves him and returns to a conference room where Fabien is telling the agents everything about the team.