Episode 120



Dr. Prescott (103) meets with Agent Garner. He gives him vials of a serum that neutralizes tainted powers. They shake on the deal and enter an office. Agent Garner tells Dr. Prescott how grateful the government is for BioGen's participation in this project. We also see they are building a new prison facility designed to house tainted criminals.

Jake thinks about coming clean with Kimberly, but a co-worker advises him against it.

Julie asks Deanna for more painkillers. Deanna refuses. She says it is not wise to get back on them so soon after her overdose. She advises Julie to use her powers less, as they put a strain on her nervous system.

Page and Damien discuss his future. He cannot stay there indefinitely. If the team finds out they will kill him. Page and Brandon go on a date. They realize they are being followed, but whoever it was flees before they can find out who it is. They tell the team. Kimberly is very concerned about it and tells them to lay low for awhile.

Steve consoles Tasha as she vents about Fabien. Jake decides to resign from Grant Enterprises. Fabien continues to report back to the FBI.