Episode 121



Fabien continues to report everything to the FBI.

Damien tries to rekindle his relationship with Page. She admits to still having feelings for him and thanks him for helping her when she was at a really bad time in her life, but says it can never be like it was.

Brandon discovers Page has been harboring Damien and gets upset. When Tasha finds out she barges in and tries to kill him. Julie and Steve stop her. Tasha walks away furious with everyone and calls Ty. They go to an AA meeting.

The team all finishes their finals in anticipation of their graduation.

Shiftess crashes Tony Manners talk show and kills him on national television. She sends a message to Damien and the team on TV.

Shiftess plans to attack the graduation ceremony, outing the team, and raising fear and hostility between the norms and the tainted.

At the end of the episode, the team finds that Fabien has disappeared and his apartment is empty. They are all alarmed by this.