Episode 122 - Season Finale



The team is getting ready for graduation. Damien's whereabouts are discovered and Shiftess sends some thugs after him. They ransack Page's apartment, but Damien is gone.

Page and Brandon make up and plan to go out on a date after graduation. Steve and Julie also get back together.

Kimberly and Deanna both attend the graduation ceremony when Shiftess and the gang crash. The team runs away from the crowd luring the enemy. One by one they take them down, out of the sight of the students and others.

When the police arrive, Shiftess attacks them and escapes. It has become a media circus and Leah is pressured to show the tainted as a threat to the norms.

Afterwards, the entire team including Kimberly and Deanna are arrested by the FBI. The team is injected with the serum (120), neutralizing their powers. They discover that Fabien talked and all feel betrayed. He says it was him or them. Steve threatens to kill him. Kimberly also discovers that Jake is an agent. She meets with him and Garner behind closed doors. When she returns to the cell, the team is gone. Black sedans rush out from the FBI complex, lights flashing. We see the team fleeing the scene with Damien in a large black SUV on the freeway. They drive off into the night.