Episode 201 - Season Premiere



It has been months since the team escaped from the FBI. They are all living together. Tasha has created false IDs for them all, except Damien who does not go out. They have had no contact with Deanna or Kimberly since the escape (122). We see Kimberly using all her resources to try and find them. The FBI is also looking for them. Tasha and Damien don't get along.

They are found and captured again. Damien is captured with them and locked up. This time Jake Shaw talks with them all. He says they are very lucky to have a friend like Kimberly. She has convinced his superiors that they are an asset, so from now on they will work for the US Government under the codename: MEGA FORCE. The team refuses. Jake explains it's either that or prison. He also explains all the benefits. They agree. Damien cops a plea with Jake, he will lead them to Shiftess's base and help them take down her crime ring. He leads them to their last headquarters but it has been evacuated and rigged with explosives. Damien tries to convince Jake that he is an asset to the team. Page vouches for him, and he reluctantly agrees but on a trial basis.

Jake gives them a tour of the facilities including the Tainted Prison. Inside, they see Fabien. Jake has been assigned as head of Operation: Mega Force. He is their commanding officer. He also explains that they must go through both physical training and a written exam. They meet Kimberly there and she tells them that she has agreed to cooperate with the government, using her sources to inform them of any illegal tainted activity. Also, Deanna has been recruited to work with them. Deanna replicates the neutralizing serum for the team to use to apprehend criminals.