Episode 202



Damien finds the files on BioGen and sees his name on the list. When he asks about it, he discovers that he, too, was part of the genetic experiments conducted in the early 80's. He goes to Deanna and asks her if she knows how to reverse this. She now has access to new information as the government has been given copies of BioGen's work. With it, Deanna works on a way to reverse the artificial tainting. Steve also begins to consider the possibilities of maybe living a normal life. He discusses it with Julie.

The entire team is trained in traditional hand to hand combat as well as the use of their powers. Julie starts taking the painkillers again when she gets a migraine after using her powers. Jake and Brandon clash when Jake pushes him to train harder. Jake tells him that he should be able to do more. He hasn't reached his potential. Tasha is upset with Page for helping Damien get on the team.

Jake tries to repair his relationship with Kimberly, but she says they are only friends.

Agent Garner and Dr. Prescott have a meeting. They argue when Garner accuses BioGen of withholding information. Prescott in turn, asks for more money and information regarding the use of their technology. Later that night, Agent Garner is killed.