Episode 203



The team continues training with government personnel and they pass their final tests. They are now ready for field duty. Operation Mega Force severs all ties with BioGen. Jake confronts Dr. Prescott and is convinced that he is behind Garner's murder. Unfortunately, there is no evidence against him.

Page talks to Julie and Deanna about her family and how estranged they are. Deanna suggests that maybe she should contact them, at least get closure, so she can move on. She calls and discovers her mother is deathly ill. She goes back to New York to see her, alone. She sees her mother, Lily, and finds out that she wanted to see her. Page realizes her father, Sam, kept them apart. While at the hospital, she sees Peter Harris, a former victim from her days with Damien and his gang. He has been in a coma for two years. Page has flashbacks of what she and Damien did to him. Her mother dies. Page talks with her father and brother, Randy, who are still freaked out by her, and tells them that this will be the last time they will see each other. She becomes extremely depressed.

Julie continues taking painkillers and seems to be taking them more frequently. The team goes back to Corner Pocket for the first time in months. Steve and Julie get engaged and tell the others.

Deanna continues to study BioGen's research. Tasha confronts Damien with her feelings about him and her brother. She says they are not friends and if he so much as looks at her the wrong way she will burn him alive without a second thought.