Episode 204



Deanna devises a dangerous procedure that should, in theory, reverse the artificial tainting done by BioGen. Damien agrees to go under. He emerges as a normal looking person. He doesn't wake up until the end of the episode. It turns out he was born tainted before the procedure, but he doesn't know what his powers are yet. Damien goes out in the sun for the first time in years.

Page has not reported for work or answered her phone since coming back from her trip home (203). Brandon goes in to see her and finds her in bed, crying in the dark, watching soap operas. He tries to get her to go out, but she refuses. She puts him under her spell to send him away.

Steve and Julie discuss the procedure. If he becomes a norm, he won't be able to be a part of Mega Force. His superiors leave the decision up to him, but warn him that without his participation in Mega Force, he will be subject to prosecution for his vigilante acts. Steve thinks it over. In the end, Steve decides not to go through with the procedure.

Julie takes her pills in front of Tasha and she notices the urgency and shakiness in Julie.