Episode 205



The team investigates a tainted related shooting at a subway station. Underground tainted outcasts (Crystal "Icey" Marx, Daniel "Boulder" Bullock with rocky skin, and Alan "Morpher" Tandy, a gel-like creature, and others) are discovered living in the tunnels. The team helps them find a missing member (Kevin "Aqua" Marx, Icey's little brother). It turns out Kevin was caught stealing food from the newsstand at the subway station. He was arrested, but was shot. Now there is a huge fuss at the hospital as some people want to actually dissect the real life tainted person. With the help of Detective Ramsey, the team finds out where Kevin is. They encounter Dr. Colin Prescott. He wants to dissect Kevin, and see how his powers work. He argues that it would be a huge breakthrough in the medical community. He also thinks that the results could help them come up with a weapon to stop the tainted. The team sneaks him out of the hospital. They are seen and shot at. Damien discovers his powers when the bullets don't hurt him. Deanna tells him he seems to be indestructible. In the tunnels, Tasha thinks she saw Johnny, but only for a moment. The team contacts Kimberly and she sets up a safehouse for the outcasts.

Tasha goes out with Ty, but must keep her government work a secret. Leah meets the team when she investigates the subway attacks. She also meets Jake. He is upset that they talked to someone from the media. Leah sees Damien with them and is taken aback by this.

Page is still depressed. Damien goes to see her. She is shocked to see him looking like a norm. He talks with her. She tells him he should have killed her. She tells him about the victim she saw at the hospital. Damien tries to dismiss it as something that happened a long time ago, that they have changed since then. Page doesn't want to hear it. Jake pays her a visit. She is a wreck. He tells Deanna. She goes to see her and gives her anti-depressants and encourages her to talk about it. Julie is taking her pills regularly. Steve and Tasha talk about their concern for Julie and Page.