Episode 206



People are killed at a local high school. The team is called in since all the victims were tainted. Steve and Julie go undercover as substitute teachers. They discover that there are a few bullies at school, who are responsible for the murders of tainted students. One of the students, Grant Keller, is the son of BioGen Executive, Donald Keller, and has the neutralizing serum. When he realizes Julie is tainted, he uses the serum on her. He and his friends are about to kill her in a ceremony in the boiler room. Steve finds them and rescues her. Detective Ramsey is then called in and Grant is arrested.

At BioGen, Donald Keller tells Dr. Prescott what happened. Prescott assures him that his son will get off and says that these tainted agents must be dealt with.

Again, Tasha thinks she sees Johnny and tells Ty about the sightings.

Brandon and Damien worry about Page, both are in love with her. They both visit her. Kimberly is told and she goes to visit her. Page opens up about what happened to Kimberly and Julie.