Episode 207



Jeff Baxter, a congressman and presidential candidate who is against tainted integration is taken hostage by tainted terrorists, Roger "Weed" Morton, Frank "Snap" Browning, Victoria "Magnetica" Fox, and Heather "Tripper" Rider.

The team goes on a rescue mission. After tracking down their hideout. They face off with the villains. Tripper uses her illusions to hold the team off and they escape. After a second skirmish, the team rescues Baxter. Roger and Frank die.

Page rejoins the team, but isn't on active field duty yet. Tasha begins having nightmares where Johnny is angry with her for working with Damien.

Meanwhile, Jake comes face to face with Shiftess, when she frees Fabien from prison. She nearly kills him, but flees when the team arrives.

Later on TV, Baxter talks about his abduction, but doesn't mention it was tainted operatives who saved him. He portrays the tainted as ticking time bombs.

We later hear Baxter on the phone with someone talking about what happened.