Episode 208



Alexander "Zander" Holmes, a witness against a tainted crime ring, testifies and needs protection. Holmes is owner of Zander's bar, a haven for the tainted. The crime ring is run by Shiftess now. The specific defendant is just a henchman. Tank, Plazma, Eddie, Fabien, and new members, Raven "Black Ice" Lawrence, and Rebecca "Paralysis" Gray are all out to kill Holmes. During a fight, Zander runs. He is caught and almost killed, but the team saves him at the last minute. He testifies and the henchman is convicted. Zander then goes into witness protection.

Page rejoins the team in the field. She, too, notices Julie's worsening condition.

With the information from the trial, the authorities plan to raid Shiftess's new headquarters. Jake argues with other officials insisting that this is a mission for Mega Force. The team goes in and a huge fight ensues. Shiftess sees Damien for the first time since the procedure and is repulsed that he looks like a norm. The base is destroyed, but Shiftess and her gang escape.

Again, Tasha thinks she sees Johnny. She goes to an AA meeting at the end.