Episode 211



Julie is in rehab. She refuses to see Steve. She resists opening up and admitting her problem.

All Steve can think about is Julie. He goes out alone and meets Leah. They talk. Leah tells him that Ty is in the hospital with alcohol poisoning.

Damien tries to win back Page. Brandon catches Page and Damien kissing. He is furious and devastated and storms out. He doesn't see Page slapping Damien afterwards. She tells him they can never be together, not like that. She still has nightmares about what he made her do in the past. He turned her into a criminal and that is not so easily forgotten.

Page tries to explain, but she and Brandon end up fighting.

Tasha visits Ty in the hospital. Later, she sees Johnny in her bedroom again. He hugs her when she agrees to kill Damien.

Tasha tries to kill Damien. It does not work. She tells the team about Johnny. They hide in her bedroom. When Johnny enters, they expose him to be Shiftess and she flees.