Episode 212



At the Rehab center, people start turning up comatose, brain dead, or just passed out. Julie meets Rachel "Felony" Fields. Rachel is recovering from anorexia. She is not evil, but she needs energy from others to survive.

Julie starts getting visits from the team. She confronts Steve. He apologizes for the ambush, but promises her that she will thank him for it someday. They feel awkward together. Julie breaks down and cries a lot. Each of the team members visits her. Brandon and Page both talk with her about their relationship difficulties. She tells them about the people in comas.

Julie discovers Rachel's secret. She is the only other tainted person at the center.
In the end, Deanna visits and is introduced to Rachel. Deanna agrees to help her.

Damien and Brandon fight. Afterwards, Damien tells Brandon that Page shot him down. Page is in love with Brandon. Brandon goes to Page and they make up.