Episode 213



BioGen uses a mind control device to make the people they tainted do what they want. They have been doing it for some time. Baxter's kidnapping (207) was actually staged to further their anti-tainted agenda. BioGen's new backer is revealed to be Congressmen Baxter, who grows increasingly popular.

He appears before congress to argue the case of the military contracting BioGen to harness the power of the tainted in the military. Congressional debates go on. In the end, they decide that using mind control, even on the tainted, would take away their free will and would ultimately be unconstitutional.

Mariah Campbell (103) tries to kill Steve. She causes a car accident and leaves him for dead. When Steve disappears, the team begins to search for him. Mariah goes after the rest of them, but they capture her and Deanna finds a way to de-program her. Mariah is devastated by her actions.

Julie is still in rehab. Steve is in the hospital from the injuries of his accident. Mariah visits him. Damien, Brandon, Page, Jake, and Tasha argue about how to deal with Baxter. Damien wants to kill him.