Episode 214



BioGen has a new division called VioTech, specializing in cybernetics and other technologies. We see that they are attempting to create a temporal transporter. They have also successfully created cybernetic parts. They revive corpses using cybernetic parts, creating Cyborgs. BioGen creates several cyborgs and Dr. Prescott sends them out with one mission: to kill the team. Jake calls the director of the FBI and tells him about the cyborgs attacking his team. The Director says the government can not acknowledge the existence of Mega Force. If he were to say anything, it would get out.

Julie is doing much better and at the end, she gets out of rehab. Steve gets out of the hospital. Tasha takes care of him as he continues to recuperate.

Congressman Baxter has actually commissioned the creation of the cyborgs to propose as a military weapon. He argues before Congress that this would give the military the ability to reuse casualties of war, creating expendable but powerful soldiers. The debates continue.

Baxter and Prescott agree that Operation Mega Force must be shut down. When the cyborgs fail, they decide on another course of action.