Episode 215



George "Doze" Sherman, a man with the ability to put people to sleep, is working for BioGen. He infiltrates some of BioGen's competitors and after putting everyone to sleep, copies all the data from their computers and inserts a virus to wipe out their network. At the last company he sees the data they are after. He decides not to give it to BioGen and goes on the run. When everyone at these companies is found asleep in the middle of the day, Mega Force is called in to investigate. They realize the only thing the companies have in common is that they are all BioGen competitors. Tasha and Steve break into a BioGen office building and get onto the network. They find out who George is and the team goes to his address. The place has been ransacked and he is gone.

Steve suffers from back pain from his accident. Julie talks to Brandon about her concern for Steve. Damien argues with Jake saying they should destroy all of BioGen's facilities and agents. Page tries to calm him down and make him listen to reason.

Shiftess intercepts a group of BioGen agents when they try to capture George. She interrupts the kidnapping, steals the gun with the serum darts, and kills the agents. Shiftess tells George that he has to get out of town. She will help him if he does something for her. He goes to Grant Enterprises and puts Kimberly in a permanent REM sleep. Shiftess then helps him leave town. The team learns of Kimberly's condition and all show up at her bedside.