Episode 216



Priscilla "Phase" Reed, a thief that can walk through walls, is a career thief. The team shows up at the crime scene undercover as cops (thanks to Detective Ramsey's cooperation). They find a clue that leads them to the bad part of town. When they find her, she flees. They discover she has a small son, Ben. They tell Ben they want to help them. He tells them where his mother is. They show up and stop her from stealing her next target. They offer to help her, and they all flee when the cops arrive. In the end, the team takes Priscilla and Ben to the safehouse, where they are welcomed by Crystal Marx.

Meanwhile, Julie enters into Kimberly's dreams in an attempt to wake her up. She also sees that George is responsible for her condition. Kimberly is under Deanna's care. There is nothing physically wrong with Kimberly, she is simply trapped in a REM sleep. Jake is worried about her. Tasha uses the computer to try and track down George. Tasha tells Page about how she and Kimberly met, and that she would probably be dead if it were not for Kimberly.

Steve shares similar sentiments with Damien. This is all new to him, but Damien realizes that this group is not just a team, it is a family.