Episode 217



Grant Enterprises' stocks take a dive in a stock market crash while Kimberly is still unconscious.

Sung Yoon goes after Billy and Allison Quinn to find the secret to eternal youth. Billy is a time traveler and Allison can manipulate the aging process. Yoon is helped by BioGen. Dr. Prescott says he has been experimenting with transferring powers from the existing tainted to norms. Allison is kidnapped and Billy is injected with the serum.

Billy is friends with Steve. He calls Steve to ask for help. The team gets involved. They break into BioGen. Meanwhile, Prescott's people put Allison and Sung Yoon in the Genetic Transfer Device (GTD). Sung Yoon dies in the procedure when the team gets to Allison and disconnects her from the device. Billy's powers return and Steve tells him about what happened to Kimberly. He wants him to go back in time and stop it. Billy refuses, saying interfering with the timeline can severely alter reality. He says there may be something he can do. Tasha is still trying to locate George. Jake talks to her about his feelings for Kimberly.

Steve proposes to Julie again and she accepts. He gives her the ring again. Julie continues to try to reach Kimberly. Page, Damien, and Brandon discuss the concept of eternal life and youth.