Episode 218



Dr. Victor Dalton is tainted with the ability to kill people with a simple touch. If touched by his hands, they fall ill, and die within a few hours. He uses this to end the suffering of terminally ill people.

The team is called in when the one common factor in the mysterious deaths turns out to be the doctor. Deanna is asked to do some field-work since she is a medical professional who knows what she is doing. Brandon and Page go undercover as patients, each sharing a room with one of Dr. Dalton's patients. Meanwhile, Deanna hangs out with Dalton and the nurses that work with him.

Deanna mentions in front of him that Page's case is terminal. When Dalton goes after her, a fight ensues. He touches her and flees. With only hours left, the team searches for Dalton. They find him and he touches Page again, to reverse the effect just minutes before she dies. He is then arrested. Brandon and Page kiss and he tells her how much he loves her and how he thought she was going to die.

Julie continues to try to wake Kimberly. Billy Quinn goes back in time and sees where George went. He tells Steve. He and Tasha find him. They inject him with the serum and bring him back with them.