Episode 219



George's powers have returned and he touches Kimberly. She wakes up and returns to work to find that the board of directors has bought her out. She talks to Jake and joins Mega Force full time. George goes into the underground safehouse, where he will be safe from BioGen's agents.

The team must recover an airborne virus that, if released, will kill every tainted person within a five hundred mile radius. This virus is based on the data that George had refused to steal for BioGen (215). Unfortunately, Dr. Prescott was able to steal the information without him. Now Biogen has created a prototype, a small missile carrying the virus. The plane carrying the virus crashes in the forests of Oregon en route from Seattle to Los Angeles. It is a race as BioGen, a group of FGP militia, and Mega Force scramble to find the device. The militia finds the device first and launches the missile. Fortunately, Jason "Cyclone" Carrington, who is convinced that they are responsible for his friend's disappearance, was following them. When the device is launched, he uses his powers to create tornadoes to blow the missile up into orbit, where the virus disintegrates in the atmosphere. The militia flees and the BioGen agents disperse.

The team immediately likes Jason, and the girls are all smitten by his good looks. In the end, Steve invites him to join them, but Jason declines. He only uses his powers when necessary and values living a normal life.