Episode 220



Congressman Baxter and Dr. Prescott track down Shiftess and propose an alliance. They want her to frame Mega Force by committing crimes as each of them. Shiftess agrees. She does it and Jake's superiors consider cutting Mega Force's funding. Steve, Tasha, and Damien are arrested. Jake is forced to hold them until he can prove their innocence. Brandon, Julie, and Page investigate. Meanwhile, Baxter continues to push for the discontinuation of Operation: Mega Force. Shiftess then takes Baxter hostage disguised as Brandon. The real Brandon shows up with Julie and Page. The charade is exposed when the encounter is caught on tape by the serveillance cameras. Shiftess escapes with the help of Paralysis and Tank. She kills Baxter and dumps his body on the steps of the Capitol.

The Destroyer emerges from VioTech's temporal transporter. He is half tainted half robot, and has the ability to control all of VioTech's cyborgs. He destroys the facility and kills most of the personnel, but Dr. Prescott gets away.

Shiftess goes after Prescott and sees the carnage at the VioTech facility. She is satisfied, believing Prescott to be dead. Suddenly a voice calls out to her from the darkness. It is The Destroyer.