Episode 221



Enter: The Destroyer. Shiftess meets the mysterious Destroyer. He tells her that he is from the future. That he has come back in time to kill those that would stop him by killing them in the past. If he succeeds, the tainted will inherit the Earth and the norms will be exterminated. Shiftess likes what she hears and agrees to follow him. The team learns of the VioTech disaster and go to the site. They see the temporal transporter, but do not know what it is. Tasha stays behind to study it.

Meanwhile. The Destroyer has assembled a large following that includes Shiftess, Tank, Paralysis, Eddie, Black Ice, Plazma, Big Tony, and Fabien. Together, they raid the Tainted Prison and release the prisoners, but kill Aftershock (209). One of the henchmen is killed in the chaos. When the team arrives they find a hit list on him.

Mariah Campbell is on the list along with Carmen Aurora, Billy and Allison Quinn, John Sullivan, Lucas Winston, and Jason Carrington (219). The team contacts Mariah, Jason, and the Quinns. They realize they will need help so they call on Felony (212). There is a large meeting. The Quinns explain who The Destroyer is. Tasha tells them about the temporal transporter. The team decides to split up to try and protect the targets.

In Washington, a committee decides that Operation Mega Force was a failure and their funding is cut.

To Be Continued...