Episode 222 - Season Finale



The Destroyer now commands an army of tainted criminals and Viotech's cyborgs. They are sent out around the world to assassinate the marks. Meanwhile, he attacks the team's headquarters. Deanna is luckily not there, but gets there afterwards.

Kimberly, Steve, Julie, and Jason "Cyclone" Carrington go to Vancouver, Canada to protect John "Spike" Sullivan. Plazma, Eddie, Paralysis, and cyborgs go after him. Kimberly dies, but they succeed in protecting John. They capture Eddie and he talks.

Jake, Brandon, Page, and Mariah go to New York City to protect Carmen "Flare" Aurora from Big Tony, Fabien, Black Ice, and a group of cyborgs. Big Tony dies, but Carmen survives.

Rachel "Felony" Fields joins Tasha, Damien, Billy and Allison Quinn when they go to Miami to protect Lucas "Dash" Winston. Shiftess, Victor Dalton, Tank and the cyborgs are sent after him. Shiftess and Tank die, but Lucas lives.

Steve contacts the others and they all go after The Destroyer at the old VioTech lab. He has destroyed the temporal transporter. A large battle ensues. Steve is seriously injured. The heroes are losing. Billy goes to the future to find the one person who can defeat The Destroyer. The mysterious tainted man known only as Omega. Omega creates a tear in the space time continium and traps the Destroyer in between dimensions. Page is also thrown through the portal and is lost. Omega vanishes when the portal closes.