Episode 301 - Season Premiere



Steve is in a wheelchair due to a back injury he suffered in the battle with The Destroyer (222). Deanna tells Steve that his injury is incurable. He will be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He has a very hard time accepting this. Julie tries to be strong for him, but she, too, is devastated by this.

Brandon and Damien are mourning the loss of Page, who was sucked into a dimensional portal during the battle (222). Brandon talks with Julie and Billy Quinn insisting that there must be a way to reach Page. Damien says he knows a tainted woman with the ability to travel through dimensions. Billy says there are an infinite number of dimensions Page may be trapped in and there is no way of knowing which one she is in. Julie says she has an idea.

They all mourn the loss of Kimberly. She has left millions of dollars in cash, real estate, and investments to the team. Operation Mega Force has been shut down, and the heroes all find themselves adjusting to "normal" lives. Jake gives Steve some words of encouragement, then he disappears after the funeral. Tasha is traumatized by all this. She throws herself into helping Deanna at the Medical Center, which Kimberly left to her.

Meanwhile, Page finds herself in an alternate dimension where the tainted rule, and norms are being hunted down and imprisoned. Page searches for the team, but doesn't find anyone. She uses her powers to persuade a man to give her money and she rents a room at a motel.