Episode 302



Steve tries to walk and can't. He tells Brandon that he will not live like this. Brandon worries that Steve is contemplating suicide. Deanna tells Steve that he can live a very full life as a parapalegic. Damien talks with Deanna about the possibility of transferring his powers to Steve. Deanna says that such a procedure killed Sung Yoon (217). She takes a blood sample from Damien and says she will see what she can do.

Julie tells Brandon, Damien, and Tasha that if they can find this transdimensional traveler they can transfer that power and her telepathic powers to Rachel "Felony" Fields. That way they can locate Page. Damien warns them that Brooke "Portal" O'Neil is not playing on their team. Brandon says they will have to convince her. Tasha gives them a device that can detect disturbances in the space time continuum (portals). Damien and Brandon go to New York City in search of Portal. They visit some of Damien's old haunts. They track her down. She refuses to help. They fight. Before they can inject her with the neutralizing serum, she escapes through a portal. They use the device to locate where she reemerges. They eventually capture her and head back to Los Angeles.

Julie remains by Steve's side. Steve tells her that if he doesn't get better, he will understand if Julie does not want to marry him. She tells him he is being ridiculous. Tasha works with Deanna on a way to create a regenerative serum using the sample of Damien's blood.

Page encounters the other dimension's Shiftess, but she is a norm named Isabelle Summers. Page helps her when the tainted police come after her in the room next door. They both go on the run.