Episode 303



Brandon and Damien bring Portal to Grant Gardens. Julie and Rachel are there, waiting for them. Rachel is hesitant about going through with it, saying she could kill them both. Julie tells her not to worry. Brandon and Damien will be here. Rachel takes Julie's hand and Portal's hand. Julie passes out. Rachel quickly lets go of them both. Portal collapses. Rachel falls back into a chair with her eyes open as if in a trance. When she snaps out of it, she says she knows where Page is, then passes out.

Meanwhile, Page and Isabelle hide out in an abandoned warehouse. It is a safehouse for the norms. Page can not believe that the woman she knew as Shiftess could have been this kind, warm woman. The tainted police find the safehouse and attack. They take the norms into custody. Page allows herself to be captured in the hopes that she can free all of the imprisoned norms.

Deanna and Tasha are unable to harness Damien's healing powers to help Steve. Tasha says it is time they thought about going back to BioGen. Tasha breaks into one of the BioGen facilities. She sets off a silent alarm and agents are sent after her. Tasha starts a fire between her and the agents. She escapes with a disk containing the files on tainted transfer technology.

Back at the Grant Medical Center, Tasha discovers that BioGen never succeeded in transferring tainted powers because they are encoded into the individual's DNA.