Episode 304



Rachel tells Brandon and Damien where Page is. Portal has been heavily sedated, but she and Julie have regained their powers. Damien tells Rachel to absorb Portal's powers again and open a portal to the dimension where Page is. Julie, later, erases this memory from Portal's mind and they return her to New York.

Julie tells Steve about the plan to get Page back. He is glad, but his own self pity quickly overtakes him again. Julie talks to Deanna about Steve. He seems very distant and unemotional. Meanwhile, Tasha visits Kimberly's grave.

Brandon, Damien, and Rachel prepare to go in after Page. Rachel warns them that when she absorbs Portal's energy and powers, she will only have them for a few hours. If they do not find Page by then, they must go home or be stuck in the alternate dimension. They go. They see on the news a story about the latest raid on a newly found norm safehouse. They see Page among the norms captured. They ask around and find out where the captured norms are sent. They find and rescue Page. She wants them to help all the norms. Damien recognizes Isabelle. He agrees to help her. Brandon and Rachel say they do not have the resources to free all the norms and they are running out of time. They tell Page that this is the way this dimension is supposed to be. Freeing these norms will not change anything. They escape with Page and Isabelle. Isabelle is killed in the escape by the tainted guards. Damien unleashes an energy pulse at them, killing them. Rachel opens a portal, but it is unstable as Portal's powers are wearing off. They quickly run into it. It collapses before the guards can follow. They return to Grant Gardens to find the building on fire.