Episode 305



Page, Brandon, Damien, and Rachel are shocked to find Grant Gardens burning to the ground. They meet Julie and Tasha, who are reunited with Page for the first time since the battle with The Destroyer (222). Damien asks Tasha if she is responsible for this. She gives him a dirty look. They all go back to the Medical Center. Page sees Steve in the wheelchair for the first time. They hug. The team moves into Kimberly's mansion. They wonder who could have set the apartment building on fire and why.

On CNN, they see a report on people being miraculously cured at a hospital in London. Dr. William Covington is interviewed, but downplays the situation. The team immediately thinks he is tainted. They all take Kimberly's private jet to London and go to the hospital in search of the doctor. Unfortunately, the doctor has been badly beaten and is in the ICU, a victim of an anti-tainted hate crime. The team goes to see him. They are not sure what to do. Within a matter of hours, the doctor himself makes a miraculous recovery. They tell him about Steve. Deanna shows him the x-rays. He touches Steve's back for a moment and Steve is cured. He is thrilled beyond belief. William invites them to his flat, but they are attacked by a group of punks claiming to be members of the Foundation for Genetic Purity (FGP) (105, 219). The team defeats them and ties them up. The thugs have no idea who Hector is. Steve calls the police with an anonymous tip and they leave the punks for the police to arrest. Steve and William thank each other. Steve tells Julie he is eager to begin planning for their wedding. Julie is glad to have him back. They return home.

In the end, Dr. Covington enters his flat and there is a huge explosion. We see a Board of Directors sitting at a conference table discussing the recent events. Above them is a large seal of the FGP (Foundation for Genetic Purity; 105).