Episode 306



The team returns home and discovers that Dr. Covington has been killed. They think that the FGP is much larger than the cult Hector led in Los Angeles (105). They begin to think that they may have been responsible for the fire at Grant Gardens.

Steve and Julie begin discussing the wedding. Steve and Julie go to a convenience store. A fight breaks out between the clerk and a tainted customer, Luke Cohen. Luke has super strength. He grabs the clerk and throws him across the store. Julie wants to intercede. Steve wants to get out of there. She refuses. Steve steps back in fear. Luke breaks the register and starts stealing the money. Julie psychically attacks him and he passes out. Steve takes Julie by the hand and they run out. Julie confronts Steve who admits he was scared. Julie is angry with him. He tells her maybe the superhero thing is not for him.

Tasha discovers that Ty died in an accident with a drunk driver. She is devastated. The team goes to the funeral where they see Leah. Page, Damien, and Brandon spend time with Tasha. Without her sponsor, they are afraid she will start drinking again.

Meanwhile, Dr. Prescott and Donald Keller meet with the FGP Board of Directors (Cary Wells, Harold Newman, Charles Law, Ellen Henry, and Arthur Jamison). They decide that the tainted threat has gone far enough. They say they know about the virus BioGen has created (219). They want to commission BioGen to go into mass production. They want to launch a worldwide strike that will eradicate the tainted from the globe. Dr. Prescott refuses. Keller kills Prescott and takes over BioGen. He is a member of the FGP and agrees to produce the virus.