Episode 307



Steve takes a trip by himself. He is pulled over in a small town in Idaho and thrown in a prison run by the FGP. He is injected with the neutralizing serum.The guards tell the prisoners he is tainted. Steve is intimidated and beaten. When the team doesn't hear from him, they investigate. Julie is worried. They track his car down to the small town. Julie senses that the townspeople know something. She and Page use their powers to find out where Steve was taken. They grab one of the guards. Brandon puts on the uniform. Tasha makes him a fake ID badge and he goes in. Brandon sees Steve. He scopes out the area. It is very secure. Steve sees Brandon and is very happy to see him. Brandon sneaks him out of the building, but they are discovered at the perimeter.

The team is waiting just beyond the perimeter walls. They hear the sirens.
They knock out the guards at the gate and stand united, side by side. Tasha sets fires between Steve and Brandon and the guards behind them. Damien shoots an energy pulse at the guards from the other direction. Julie telekinetically knocks all of the guards ahead of Steve and Brandon down. They all escape. Guards follow in their jeeps, but Julie telekinetically makes them all swerve into the trees lining the road. Steve is really shaken up. The team is relieved he is okay. It was Brandon's first time in command. He considers becoming leader of the team, should Steve want to settle down into a normal life. He discusses it with Page and she supports him.

The FGP Board of Directors looks at surveillance footage from the break out. They see the team as a threat to their plans.