Episode 308



Crystal Marx calls the team. There was a raid on one of the tainted safehouses. Again, Steve does not want to get involved. Brandon decides to help. The tainted from the other safehouses begin lashing out at the norms in retaliation. Officials condemn the attacks, but don't mention the slaughter of a dozen tainted people at the safehouse.

Damien tells Page he is leaving, that without Operation: Mega Force, there is no reason for him to hang around. He says that his criminal record has been expunged, thanks to Jake, and with Shiftess dead, he is safe. Page is angered about this, asking if that is all it was that kept him with them. Page asks him where he will go and what will he do. He does not know. She pleads with him not to go. Page tells him that the team will continue the good fight and that if Steve is out, Brandon is ready to step up. Steve overhears this. Page and Damien see him and it is awkward.

The team has a meeting where they discuss the future. Steve is fine with Brandon taking over. Julie argues with him about how he can just stand by while someone is waging a war against the tainted. Brandon decides to investigate how the safehouse was discovered. He asks Tasha to talk with all of Kimberly's contacts and tell them they are back in business. He asks Damien to stay. Damien agrees. They meet with Crystal. She wants to relocate all the tainted. During the meeting, there is another attack at one of the safehouses. The team rushes over and they see the FGP militia fighting with Dan "Boulder" Bullock, Priscilla "Phase" Reed, and Alan "Morpher" Tandy. The team engages the enemy. They get the tainted out of there and the militia suddenly flee. A helicopter shows up and they shoot a small missile at the building. Brandon narrowly escapes the blast. The tainted are set up at a new location and all the safehouses are evacuated.