Episode 309



When Brandon is seen using his powers he is shot by a norm. The team all goes to the hospital to see him. Brandon is in a coma, and this really shakes up Steve. He doesn't leave Brandon's side and says he is the closest thing he has had to brother. Mariah, Rachel, and Leah come when they hear the news. Steve decides to return to the team. He feels guilty for not being there when they needed him. Julie is glad to have him back. Page is worried sick and Damien comforts her.

One of the nurses in the hospital is a member of the FGP. She calls the Board of Directors and tells them about Brandon. They tell her to finish him. She is caught by the team moments before injecting a lethal poison into Brandon's IV.

Tasha talks with Detective Ramsey and is frustrated when they do not have any evidence or suspects. The team talks about their concerns over the growing hostility between norms and the tainted. Julie tries to reach Brandon psychically. She goes through a vague medley of memories (flashbacks and nightmares). Julie sees the face of the man who shot Brandon. She sees the license plate of the shooter as he flees the scene. Julie gives Ramsey the plate number and he locates and arrests the shooter.

In the end, Brandon wakes up. Steve tells him he's back and apologizes for abandoning them. Brandon is glad and says he understands how being a leader is scary.

Meanwhile, BioGen is hard at work mass producing the virus. Keller is happy with their progress. He meets with the FGP Board of Directors. They tell him about the attack on the safehouses. They are happy that they have the tainted fleeing like rats through the sewers.