Episode 310



Peter Harris (203) wakes up from his coma and is now in Los Angeles to extract revenge on Damien and Page. He sees Damien first and shoots him. The bullets bounce off Damien. Peter flees, but Damien sees him. He is immediately worried about Page.

Harris finds and kidnaps Page. He tells her how they ruined his life. He says he will not kill her without an audience. He expects Damien to come to her rescue. He shoots a videotape of the captured Page and tells Damien to meet him at an abandoned warehouse. Harris rigs the warehouse with explosives. It is a trap. He also rigs explosives to Page's chair to go off the moment the door opens. He rigs another bomb to go off by remote control.

Brandon asks Damien who this Harris guy is. Damien explains what they did to him (flashbacks). Brandon tells Damien that if anything happens to Page, he will hold him responsible. Steve leads the team to the warehouse. Julie senses something is wrong. She discovers the existence of the bomb and they break in through the wall. They release Page. Harris sees this and detonates the other bomb. Julie telekinetically contains the blast.

Tasha is in the van and she traces the signal from the warehouse. They find Harris. They show up at his apartment. They chase him to the roof. He falls off and dies. Damien and Page grow closer as a result of this ordeal.